Kill the Lancastrians in our review of War of the Roses
Suit up! Grab your sword, and head to the battlefield in War of the Roses, the 15th century combat simulator... no not really, but it may as well be in this fantastic squad based multiplayer slice-em-up. more »
Of Orcs and Men is given a release date alongside a few new screens
Focus Home Interactive and Spiders have unveiled that there is just under a month until the release of Of Orcs and Men the twisted fantasy tale headed for the major platforms October 18th, with the absolutely fantastic news a few new screenshots have al… more »
How far will you go for Borderlands 2?
2K Games has gone just that little bit further to promote Gearbox Software's upcoming first-person role-playing game; Borderlands 2.… more »
Realms of Ancient War explodes onto the scene with its launch trailer
Focus Home Interactive have released the launch trailer for their recently released hack'n'slash Realms of Ancient War, or RAW if you're a fan of acronyms, the game launched today for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. more »
Dragon Age 3: Inquisition announced for late 2013 release
Get ready to suit up in your armour and sharpen your swords as Bioware have announced the third instalment in their award-winning role-playing game franchise; Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. Dragon Age: Inquisition is being scheduled for a late 2013 relea… more »
Guild Wars 2 sails past the two million mark
NCsoft and AreaNet only released Guild Wars 2 a couple of weeks ago and it?s already sold past a major milestone by selling two million units. In those two weeks they have seen their most recent MMO reach the top of the All Formats charts across ten… more »
Interested in visiting the world of Akaneiro: Demon Hunters?
American McGee?s development studio Spicy Horse have released a trailer for their upcoming free-to-play action-RPG a beautifully imaginative cel-shaded game set on the illustrious backdrop of Japanese myth and folklore more »
Take to the rooftops in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
Neocore Games have released the second trailer for their upcoming action-RPG The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing; Rooftop Mayhem that takes our brave young adventurer high above the cobbled streets of Borgovia. more »
Impressed by the beautiful soundtrack of Of Orcs and Men?
With little over a month until the release of Of Orcs and Men, Focus Home Interactive have unveiled a sneaky peak at the making-of the beautiful original soundtrack of the game in a new behind the scenes video. more »
Can you spot the Rogue in Realms of Ancient War?
Focus Home Interactive have released the final trailer for Wizarbox?s upcoming hack?n?slash action roleplaying game R.A.W; Realms of Ancient War which shows off one of the 3 playable heroes of the game the Rogue. more »
Don't forget Guild Wars 2 is out now!
Anyone who was a fan of Guild Wars from the start back in 2005, enjoying a free-to-play MMO with a level cap of 20. Well you can rejoice as the sequel has finally been released and it looks to surpass the original by miles. Even before Guild Wars 2… more »
Wait, Din's Curse is available on Steam!?
Ok, I?ve got three very important, very simple steps that you must follow right this instant if you love gaming. Step 1: open Steam, Step 2: find Din?s Curse, Step 3: buy Din?s Curse! more »
Are you ready to get back in action with Jagged Alliance: Crossfire?
Kalypso and bitComposer Games have released a trailer for the upcoming tactical RPG Jagged Alliance: Crossfire ahead of its release this Friday, do you think that you are up to freeing Khanpaa? more »
Tomba will be released next month in Europe!
For those eager Tombi fans out there you will only have to wait a matter of weeks to get the pink haired hero on your Playstation 3 and potentially on Playstation Vita. As Monkeypaw Games have now officially announced a release date for the re-release… more »
Final Fantasy VII can now be purchased digitally for Windows
For those Final Fantasy VII fans out there that don't wish to fork out about 40 for an original copy of one of Square's most acclaimed games but on Windows instead of Playstation like most would associate it. Now you can purchase Final Fantasy VII for… more »
Mars: War Logs announced
Focus Home Interactive have unveiled a new action RPG; Mars: War Logs at Gamescom in development at their Spiders studio renowned for the Sherlock Holmes series, and very recently developing the action RPG Of Orcs and Men. more »
Check out your Magicka for more WOOT!
It?s Olympics, Olympics, Olympics at the moment, and those quirky guys at Arrowhead Studios know just when to jump on the bandwagon with their newest DLC pack for Magicka ?yes, there?s still DLC being made! more »
New screens for Of Orcs and Men alongside a new release window
Cyanide and Spiders have released a set of new screenshots for their upcoming fantasy RPG Of Orcs and Men alongside a sly release slip from previously reported updates on the game. more »
Find out The Trouble With Robots August 23rd
If you were eagerly awaiting a release date for the quirky The Trouble With Robots, fret no more, Digital Chestnut have announced that the customisable card game will be available August 23rd for PC from their website for 12.99 alongside a free demo to… more »
Tomba will be coming to Europe soon
Not that long ago Tomba, or Tombi as those over in the UK will recognise it as, was re-released on the Playstation network by Monkey Paw Games, a company that strives to release the lost Japanese games over in the West so people have a chance to play th… more »
Watch a galaxy crumble in our preview of Drox Operative
Drox Operative is a starship action RPG unlike we've ever seen before, think Diablo in space, except Diablo is more than an open expanse that comes to an eventual end. more »
Ni no Kuni and Tekken Tag 2 announced for Eurogamer Expo
Eurogamer Expo 2012 is expected to welcome over 50,000 gamers from across the UK, so of that massive amount, a lot are going to be pretty chuffed with Namco Bandai's announcements. more »